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Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:My Website

I was born in Cambridge and grew up in a nearby village. I attended the university and lived in the town until emigrating to the State of Washington in 1994.

I'm one of the twelve monogamous pagans in Seattle. I'm INTP. I don't make friends easily. I believe strongly-typed functional programming will change software, and structured information schemas will change the world. Everything on my interest list makes me happy.

I also created the Pagan Hierarchy in an extended fit of snottiness.

More interests:12: cheese, driving, fire, kissing, love, movies, nature, pink floyd, sex, sleeping, sushi, women
Uninterests:25: ayn rand, beer, blowhards, bowling, caffeine, daylight savings time, dogs, emacs, geek culture, goth, jesus, kde, manicheanism, neo-platonism, new york city, perl, pineapples, punk, sca, shareware, sports, television, tobacco smoke, untyped filesystems, x11

Interests (150):

♨, 神, ?style=mine, alfar, alice in wonderland, angela carter, animism, anthropology, apples, arthur rackham, attention, aubrey beardsley, beauty, bharatnatyam, brillat-savarin, bruce sterling, calendars, cambridge uk, cider, codex seraphinianus, computer science, cuddling, cute women, dark humour, david lynch, dead can dance, decadence, douglas coupland, downtempo, dub, ecstasy, electronic music, elves, erotic fantasies, erotica, existentialism, fairies, fairy stories, faking innocence, finding true love, flirting, folk magic, folklore, forests, freya, freyja, frolicking naked, functional programming, glastonbury, good wine, hashish, haskell, hayao miyazaki, hot tubs, iain banks, intelligence, kodama, lava, lazy days, lewis carroll, lingam, louis wain, making girls cry, making out, martin buber, me, mead, meaning, megaliths, michael nyman, monogamy, mushrooms, mycology, mythology, naked women, neal stephenson, nietzsche, occult, oloteas, outdoor sex, paganism, pantheism, pantheistic multi-ego solipsism, paul laffoley, peter greenaway, picnics, poly until monogamous partner, porn, port, princess mononoke, protocol, psychedelicacy, pulchriheterosexuality, purification, puzzles, quasiperiodic tilings, rabelaisian thelema, ranting, referential transparency, richard wagner, riddley walker, ronald hutton, runes, sacred trees, salmon, salvador dali, santarchy, satanic head bitey, saunas, seattle, senator palpatine, sensuality, shinto, shiny things, shishigami, shrines, skinny dipping, skyclad, snotty remarks, spanking, strawberries, strong typing, sunny days, surrealism, tango, tao, terence mckenna, the decemberists, the mediæval bæbes, the moon, the sun, the sun goddess, the wicker man, the wurzels, thievery corporation, thinking, thunderstorms, tolkien, trance, ufos, uitwaaien, vanir, walking, william blake, windy days, witchcraft, wrong art, yoni, you if you're cute, zardoz
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